A Neothermal ETS plug-in prototype currently installed in a family home.

A Neothermal ETS plug-in prototype currently installed in a family home.

Neothermal ETS is a plug-in supplemental electric thermal storage (ETS) appliance that plugs into a regular 120 V outlet. The appliance has two main components: a cabinet with storage cells inside that supplies heat to 1 or 2 wall-mounted fans.

How It Works

The Neothermal ETS heater works the same way as a reusable hand-warmer. What’s neat about using salt is that it remains a liquid as it cools, keeping the chemical energy stored without any heat loss. When the room needs more heat, Neothermal ETS will crystallize the salt mixture, changing it from a liquid to a solid, releasing the stored chemical energy.


Overnight on weekdays, the salt and water mixture inside the device is slowly heated using a built-in electric heating element, transforming the salt mixture from a solid to a liquid, taking up to 8 hours for a complete charge.


During weekdays, Neothermal ETS responds to your thermostat, drawing stored heat from the cells and gently heating the room through the wall-mounted fans.



On weekends, Neothermal ETS will function as a regular electric space heater.



  • Long-term Storage – holds nearly 50% of the stored heat for up to a year. This capability allows you to carry over unused energy to a following day. This technology also has the potential to heat your home for 1-2 days during a power outage by using a back-up battery to run the device (this feature is under development).
  • Safety – operates at a much lower temperature than conventional brick ETS, which can heat up to 600˚C.
  • Ease-of-use – shares a thermostat with your main heating system; you set the temperature and the thermostat and ETS do the rest, giving you optimal savings and comfort. 
  • Unique Design – by circulating a liquid for heat transfer, the storage cabinet is able to connect to 1 or 2 separate fans heating up to 2 rooms.
  • 120 V compatibility – conveniently plugs into conventional household outlets (no need for 240 V circuits).
  • Efficiency – designed for 90% efficiency no matter the weather.

Plug-in ETS

The first of Neothermal’s ETS products; these units are designed to heat either one large room (ex. a living or rec room) or two smaller adjacent rooms (ex. bedrooms). Additional units can be installed at any time.

Neothermal ETS systems work exclusively with electric or oil-heated baseboard systems.

Available for customer testing in Fall 2018. Sign up to be an early adopter below.

Product FAQ

When fully heated, Neothermal ETS is designed to provide 12-16 hours of heating.

One Neothermal ETS device can heat approximately 400 square feet (40 m2).

Neothermal ETS stores 8 kWh of energy, equivalent to 17 car batteries.

Neothermal ETS consumes approximately 1.3 kW when charging or running as a space heater; it consumes up to 50 W when releasing stored heat.

A certified electrician or HVAC contractor can deliver and install your Neothermal ETS for you and recommend proper placement in your home.

Central Heating

Based on Neothermal’s ground-breaking ETS technology, modular ETS units are connected directly to forced-air furnaces or boiler heating systems. These systems are installed in the furnace room and add supplemental heating that reaches everywhere in the home, generating significant savings on your heating bill.

Neothermal ETS central heating systems are currently under development and will be undergoing in‑home field trials in 2019.

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