NeoTES was featured in the latest Department of Energy announcement on their new Smart Energy Innovation Program

NeoTES is thrilled to be one of 5 start-ups participating in Innovacorp's Clean Tech Accelerate Program

NeoTES is thrilled to be participating in the 2016 Dal's LaunchPad business accelerator! 

Department of Energy (DOE) Electricity Plan press release today - $1.5 million for pilot projects announced:

NeoTES was featured in the DOE Electricity Plan in the Innovation Section

InnovaCorp recently awarded $50,000 to a company that grew out of a lab at Dalhousie University. The company, NeoThermal Energy Storage Inc. , is working on a new heat storage system that can be more easily retrofitted in homes than traditional ceramic block storage. That type of targeted research support spawns solutions and develops new business opportunities.
— Our Electricity Future Nova Scotia’s Electricity Plan 2015-2040

Innovacorp Announces Finalists in I-3 Technology Start-Up Competition:

NeoTES was announced as one of the finalists in the clean technology sector.