Jill Johnson

Jill didn’t take a conventional path to entrepreneurship. Born and raised in Prince Edward Island, she moved to Fredericton, New Brunswick and earned a BA from UNB, later hopping to Waterloo, Ontario for another adventure, obtaining a master’s degree from the University of Waterloo. The field of anthropology (an unconventional major) was Jill’s focus throughout university, to study the history of people, why we do things, how we lived in the past and how technologies will change us in the future.

Jill moved to Nova Scotia from Ontario in 2010, and started working for the province. Then she did another unconventional thing and left to become a co-founder of Neothermal Energy Storage on a mission to provide a warm home with a lighter heating bill.

Outside of working on Neothermal, Jill gets out of bed for her three rescue cats, a great cup of coffee (or two) and daydreams of summer days on Maritime beaches.


Louis Desgrosseilliers

Louis Desgrosseilliers was born in North Bay, Ontario. He is a multidisciplinary heat storage expert and inventor, holding PhD and master’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Dalhousie University and a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Waterloo. Neothermal’s proprietary heat storage cell technology resulted from Louis’ NSERC-supported PhD research, from which he graduated in Fall 2016. Louis is passionate about promoting social and environmental well-being by developing an accessible cost and energy efficient indoor heating technology that the market has never seen before.

Louis likes to run and bike when he has the time, and once biked 88 km in one day from Burlington to Waterloo just for the heck of it.